Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camp Games!!!! (wk. 1)

Part I
1. Pants
2. Persephone my owl!
3. Purse
4. Pastries ( to share of course!)
5. Pumpkin Juice
6. Pillow
7. Poetry
8. Popcorn
9. Pens
10. Planet Finder (like a star finder but for planets!)

Part II

Here's some facts about me that might help others with WINGO...
*I live in mid-eastern Michigan
*I've played cyber-quidditch! lol!
*I love sour patch kids, Dove Smooth Milk Chocolate, and Ferrero Rocher
*I am in Gryffindor! Roar!!!
*I have 7 siblings! 3 brothers, and 4 sisters
*This is my 3rd HSKS
*I have 19 items in my queue I believe
*my patronus is a Phoenix
*I make stitch markers, as seen here
*I collect teddy bears, buttons, and Willow Creek figurines
*I was born in March
*I used to play, and still could play, the trumpet
*I brought my Ural owl Seffy (persephone) with me!
*I have taken the Metra train to Chicago
*I speak some German (I had it for 4 years)
*I have worked as a lifegaurd and chaperone for summer camp at my local rec center

W1: Minerva Lovegood
N1: Bridget the Bloodthirsty, she likes gummi peaches, which are another favorite of mine, and very similar to sour patch kids, and chocolate, and Ferrero Rocher is chocolate as is Dove Smooth Milk Chocolate!
G1: Honoria Beckett

W2: Bevin Rae Mooney
I2: Bernadette Hobswort...she has 4 younger brothers :)
N2: Severus Snape aka Quietus Snape
G2: Hermione Bagnold 440 queued!
O2: Antonio dela Weasley

W3: Lily May Clearwater, we both have a Phoenix!

Part III
I'm spoiling Helena Lovegood, and I love Helena's little delta turtle friend that she made that's in her Ravelry projects!

Allitrya Spelling is my spoiler, and my favorite project of hers is the cabled baby sweater!

Yay, camp is off to a great start! :D

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