Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, I started this Saturday, but was super busy running around all day b/c of Easter...the kids had an Easter egg hunt, and our church service is Saturday night, so I had rehearsal for worship team, before service, and then service at 6. So since I was busy all day, and then super tired when I got home, I forgot to post it from my drafts Saturday I'm posting now...and hopefully in light of the holiday weekend that will be ok!

1- Who wrote the obituary of Dumbledore in The Daily Prophet? Elphias Doge
2- What is a Squib? A muggle born to magical parents
3- Who stole the locket Horcrux from the Black House? Mundungus Fletcher
4- What are the Albus Dumbledores' siblings names? Aberforth and Ariana

5- Where did Hermione leave the money for the eggs and bread that they stole from the lonely farm? under the chicken coop
6- What is the quote Lily and James Potter have on their tombstone? "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed is Death"
7- Why did Gilbert Grindewald leave wizarding school? for performing dangerous magic on students
8- Where does Xeno Lovegood first say that Luna is when Ron, Hermione and Harry visit? that Luna is collecting Plimpies
9- What wood is the wand from The Deathly Hallows supposed to be made out of? Elder
10- How did Harry, Hermione and Ron escape the vaults of Gringotts? they rode the dragon guarding the vaults
11- What is the name of the all-female Quidditch team that Ginny has a poster of in her room? The Holyhead Harpies
12- Describe what the Undetectable Extension Charm is. It makes the inside of something much bigger while not changing the outward appearance, such as in the tents at the Quidditch world cup in OotP.

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