Friday, February 6, 2009

And So It Begins! Term's barely started and we've already got homework!

At least it's easy...sort of "what I did over summer vacay" esque...anyways, here goes.

What are your three most favorite colors? Orange, Pink, Blue when it is with Orange, otherwise, green.
What are you three least favorite colors? yellow, mustard and/or chartreuse, and let's say...hmmm...tan
Your favorite candy is _that's a toughy...a tie between sour patch kids, andes mints, and fererro rocher (no idea if I spelled that right! lol!)
Who is your favorite Weasley? Hmm, again, a toughy...I think it's pretty safe to say Molly.
Do you knit, crochet, or both? Both...and needlefelt, scrapbook, make hairbows, sew, make jewelry, woodburn, and I'd love to learn to spin! :D
What type of kit did you ask for? I don't remember, I think felting. Yeah, let's go with that!
Acrylic— (a) has its uses, (b) should all be burned, (c) best yarn to work with? (choose an answer) (a) has it's's not always my favorite, and I prefer natural fibers, but some of it is really soft, and machine washability and affordability are a plus...and no I don't sell it even though it may sound like it!
Who is the Gryffindor Head Girl ? Centy B? (((run's to hide in bedroom b/c she should know!)
Name four "extras" you would love to receive in your kit...hmmm again a toughy...I'm not real picky...
1. Knitpicks essential sock yarn issue of Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet wouldn't be bad either
3.a pattern for thrummed mittens
4.scraps of sock yarns to make scrappy socks for my babies!
What are your three most favorite scents? for candles...cinamonroll, pumpkin spice, and cranberry manderin...for something smelly for me...coconut lime verbena, fruity scents, and vanilla jasmine.
Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks? both! LOL! I'm not picky about food...I like the kind you eat! ;P
Which Gryffindor and Slytherin students are sisters in real life? Lizzie Wynchwood and Emma Wigworthy
Do you really need more stitch markers? Not really, but I don't have a lot of pretty ones (just two sets) so if they are really pretty, I could always use more!
DPNs, circular, or straight? Mostly DPN's and Circulars, but straights have their place, I just don't use them for many projects.
Favorite yarn? Dream yarn? Hmm, I can't really say that I have a favorite...probably Schachenmayr nomotta Micro Bamboo Spray, or anything Alpaca or alpaca blend. Oooh, I really like Mosaic Moon and Dashing Dach's too! Dream Yarn: Plumknit Yarn Supply 6 or 8 ply cashmere, Dashing Dach's Goldfish, or Mosaic Moon's Woodland Tale, Rose Garden, or Dragon's Lair (or about 50 other colorways! LOL!) on Cestari.
Favorite HP Movie? I'd have to say PoA or OotP. I really like them all though! I own all of them and have watched them all several times!
Favorite HP character? Another Toughy...I really love Harry, but Hermione, Oliver Wood (teehee) Hagrid, Molly Weasley, and Dumbledore are all way up there!
What is your favorite pattern? Again, not really sure, right now I'd LOVE to knit the Rogue sweater sans kangaroo pocket on the front...I LOVE those cables! I also love Saartje's booties!

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