Saturday, February 28, 2009

HoM Gryff Homework

I was fortunate enough to travel to Hogsmeade this weekend and oh did I have a wonderful time! I bought my first owl, and I learned some very interesting things along the way! More about my owl later. ;P

The thing that I probably found most interesting that I learned this weekend was about Honeydukes Sweet of my favorite places to visit! :D As I'm sure it is many Hogwarts student's favorite place! What I learned is that there is a secret passage from Hogwarts to the sweet shop, the one that Harry used to sneak to Hogsmeade, and that it is unknown to Filch! They think that these passageways were possibly created during the Goblin rebellion of 1612, but 2 of them were created for specific purposes...the first for Remus Lupin when he game to Hogwarts goes from a hole by the whomping willow, to the shrieking shack, so that Lupin would have a safe place away from students to transform (which is why the shack was shrieking!) The second was created in 1998 when DA was practicing in the Room of Requirement and needed a place to get a passageway opened up to the Hogs Head, behind the portrait of Ariana in the second floor of the Inn. Some of the others were used in the battle of Hogwarts to help defeat Voldemort, and others were probably used in other historial magical events, but it is unknown. What that means to me is that not only is there at least one passageway in Hogwarts that leads to Hogmeade, but there could be many more just waiting to be discovered! Or...created...

Oh, and my owl,

She is a Ural Owl. Her name is Persphone, but I call her Seffy for short. Isn't she just adorable?!?

Can't WAIT for the next trip to Hogsmeade!

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