Monday, February 9, 2009

"Muggle Studies"

More homework, but this is the type of homework I actually enjoy...a sort of word, transfiguration if you will! We have been instructed to create as many muggle words as possible out of the words "Muggle Studies" and then give a definition of such words...words that are particularly helpful are words that help magical folk to better understand the muggle world.


1. Mugs: My favorite kind are stonware, but can be made of anything from plastic to ceramic. Used to drink beverages out of. The main part is sort of bowl, or "cup" shaped and then there is an elongated "u" shaped handle attached to the side.
2. Gust: This is what Merriam-Websters said 1.obsolete a: the sensation of taste b: inclination , liking
2: keen delight

However, I thought of it more of a form of speech along the lines of a "gust" of wind. Meaning, a larger amount that moved quickly through.
3. Gums: Part of the mouth that houses the teeth.
4. Ties: Things you use to close, restrain, or contain other things. i.e. hair ties, garbage bag ties etc.
5. Stud: has several meanings...1. a the wooden pole to which drywall is attached...i.e. the "framework" of a room. 2. a small earring that consists of a post that goes through the ear and something small adorning the front 3. and probably my favorite! ;P Slang term for an attractive male, i.e. That hunka hunkaliscious boytoy is a real STUD! 4. a small metal or jewel adornment for clothing or accessories.
6. Studs: plural of Stud, see above def. Ooh, lot's of hunky guys! LOL!
7. Gels: has a few meanings as well... 1. slang for everything going smoothly, and/or meshing well together. 2. Plural form of Gel, a gooey substance, some forms are edible, others are used for hairstyling.
8. Gems: Can be natural or artificial. Sparkly and beautiful stones, are used in everything from muggle jewelry to cell phone decorations, to cloting and accessory decorations.
9. Tide: 1. the rising and falling of the surface of a body of water 2. a muggle brand of laundry detergent (substance used to get clothing clean) that works rather well, but is rather expensive.
10. Tides: plural of tide, see above definition.
11. Digs: 1. to break up and put a whole in something, usually the earth/soil/dirt. 2. muggle slang for clothing 3. muggle slang meaning interested i.e. "He really digs you!"
12. Side: 1. one portion of a whole, if an item is split down the center, there would be two "sides". 2. to agree with one party over another...i.e. taking "sides".
13. Sides: plural of side, see above definition.
14. Duties: 1. synonym for responsibilities 2. the things that one is required to fulfill.
15. Elms: 1. plural a type of large tree
16. Guts: 1. The inards of any living creature, can also refer to complicated insides of inanimate objects, such as the "guts" of a computer.
17. Gets: 1. synonym for "receives."
18. Glue: 1. sticky substance used to hold things together. There are different types for different applications, such as paper, wood, metal, etc.
19. Glues: plural of glue, see above def.
20. Glued: Past tense of glue, see def. #18
21. Sums: 1. meaning to total of multiple values added together 2. Can also be an abbreviation of summarize.
22. Suds: 1. synonym for bubbles
23. Slug: 1. Slimy, yucky insect that typically lives in gardens.
24. Slugs: plural of slug, see above def.
25. Sets: 1. to place i.e. sets the table for dinner 2. a group of something i.e. set's of dishes
26. Tussle: 1. a physical contest or struggle.
27. Legs: 1. The two appendiges on which we stand.
29. Sled: 1. an item that you ride on down a snow covered hill, can be made of wood, plastic, metal or any combination of these.
30. Sleds: 1. plural of sled, see above def.
31. Slid: 1. past tense of slide, see below def.
32. Slide: 1. to slip, or loose your footing causing you to glide across whatever the surface may be that you are standing on.
33. Slime: 1. gooey substance, similar to gel...slugs leave a trail of it behind them.
34. Slimed: 1. action of getting slime wiped on you
35. Glee: 1. the feeling of strong happiness and joy
36. Glum: 1. opposite of glee, to be depressed or down
37. Guide: 1. to lead or direct
38. Guides: 1. plural of guide see above def.
39. Sleet: 1. type of frozen rain mixed with regular rain
40. Sleets: 1. action of sleet falling
41. Seem: 1. synonym for appear
42. Seems: 2. plural form of seem, see above def. i.e. It seems things were quite awry.
43. Must: 1. have to
44. Missed: 1. overlooked
45. Miss: 1. singular proper pronoun, used for a young lady who is not married 2. to get something other than what was aimed for.
46. Mist: 1. similar to fog, usually wetter
47. Muds: 1. plural of mud 2. can be the action of applying drywall plaster i.e. he "muds" the wall.
48. Mule: 1. animal, relative of the donkey
49. Mules: 1. plural of mule, see above def.
50. Mite: 1. very small insect, smaller than a flea
51. Misled: 1. the action of being led in a direction other than what you thought you were being led.
52. Dies: 1. the action of passing away.
53. Dims: 1. fades
54. Dime: 1. form of muggle currency. Coin, in the amount of 10 cents.
55. Dimes: 1. plural of dime, see above def.
56. Diss: 1. variant of dis, means to put-down or belittle
57. Lugs: 1. to srain to carry 2. to drag
58. Tugs: 1. to pull
59. Legged: 1. meaning "with legs"
60. Mugged: 1. past tense of mug, means to be attacked
61. Gusts: plural of gusts, see def. #2
62. Lust: 1. to desire
63. Lusts: used as an action 1. He "lusts" after her.
64. Lusted: past tense of lust
65. Mild: 1. not extreme, strong, or bright 2. diluted
66. Sits: 1. plural of sit. She "sits" down.
67. Ides: 1. the 15th day of March
68. Lids: 1. plural form of lid, meaning top
69. List: 1. multiple items, written in one form or another with an order, and form
70. Lite: 1. lacking in seriousness
71. Lites: plural of lite
72. Lime: 1. type of green fruit. Tart. Related to a lemon. Citrus.
73. Limes: plural of lime
74. Slimes: plural of slime
75. Ledge: 1. The edge of something, particularly the edge of a building or shelf.
76. Sludge: 1. build up, usually of dirt and grime
77. Ledges: plural of ledge
78. Dust: 1. tiny particles of dirt and/or other substances i.e. Saw dust, which is tiny wood particles caused from sawing.
79. Dusts: plural action form of dust
80. Duties: plural of duty
81. Gutless: 1. without or the abscence of guts 2. lacking courage

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